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Have you ever wondered about the

ladies ramrodding this sale?

I sure have… and I’m one of them! 

We are simply good friends that put our brains and biceps together twice a year to bring our local shoppers a place to find gently used kids’ and women’s clothes. 

RRR started in the Spring of 2014 in the teeny Hayti Firehall. We knew right away that wasn’t going to work long term, so we moved to Lake Norden for the next 10 sales. We eventually outgrew that space, so in the Fall of 2019, we moved operations to Watertown, and haven’t looked back!


We seriously have so much fun doing this!

But if you are really wondering who we are….

Jane: a SAHM, who wishes she could actually just Stay At Home! 😉 

Oh, just kidding! She has a real live paying job! She gets to go socialize at the local lumberyard once in awhile.  She’s our social butterfly. You’ll see her greeting people, helping you with your shoes, and just making everyone feel welcome! Quality control is also a BIG thing for her!

Every sale, she reminds us what RRR is about:

Exceptional quality (NO HOLES and “this ISN’T a garage sale!”)

Easy to shop layout. 

Keep the shoppers and consignors happy! 

Her farm girl roots show through - she is always quick to do the heavy lifting and grab a drill and tools.  (Yes, we use those for RRR.)

Lucy: She’s a mom too! And a bookkeeper, and just an all around wonder woman. Have computer problems? She’s the one we are hollering for! And her simple straight forward advice usually works. “Let’s restart it and see what happens.” Lucy is all about streamlining and making the entire sale run smoother! Efficiency is her middle name. (Actually it’s Anne, but she’s thinking about changing it.)  She also loves throwing things away.  It somehow sparks joy in her.  Jane & Heather keep her reigned in (they think.)  Maybe all those missing items aren't missing after all...

And then there’s Heather: No one’s really for sure what she actually does, but she just keeps showing up… doing her thing. 

She has been delegated the job of Making Things Look Nice.  Heather is also the Queen of Tact and a great mediator with a level-headed sense of “Let’s think this through.”  She very much enjoys the social aspect of RRR.  It’s good for her brain to do something besides climb Mt. Laundry everyday, so Jane and Lucy let her come play with them. 

We hope you enjoy Round Robin Resale half as much as we do!

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