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Striped Dress

Printing and attaching tags

Got all (or some of) your items priced in our online tagging system?

Here's the next step!

Supplies needed:

  • Printer (black or color)

  • White cardstock (paper rips easily and tags get lost)

  • Scissors/Paper cutter

  • Tagging gun or safety pins (NO stick pins!)

  • Zip ties 

  • Tape

Printing tags

Login to the consignor portal.

From the Consignor Inventory Menu, choose Print Tags.   You can choose to print all tags, or unprinted tags.  If you have previously printed tags, choose unprinted tags to avoid duplicate printing.  If you change a tag previously printed, the new one will print when you print all unprinted tags.


Make sure pop-ups are not blocked on your device. 


Print the tags on white cardstock. (Barcodes on colored cardstock do not scan well.)  Tags print 10 to a page.  Cut the tags on the lines. 


Tags will have an item number on them for easy sorting if you keep your clothes in the order in which you entered them.


Attaching your tags

Use safety pins or tagging guns to attach the tag.  Please do not use straight pins!  Volunteers and shoppers get stabbed!  Pin the tag to an existing tag on the garment if possible, otherwise pin to a seam to avoid holes in the clothing.  

** IMPORTANT! ** Do not tag through the fabric and create a hole! 

We do not accept items with holes.

Attach tags to shoes with zip ties, safety pins or similar fasteners.  Shoes do not need to be fastened together, except for very small infant shoes.

Tags can be taped to books, games and other non-clothing items.  Do not tape over the bar code.

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