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First of all, the pricing.

Don't know where to start?

Check out our pricing guide to get started.  

This is just a guideline - you can price however you wish. 

Keep in mind that if you price too high, it may not sell.  If you price too low, it may not be worth your time.

How to enter tags

Login to your consignor homepage.

Choose: Menu > Work with Consigned Inventory 

Choose Add Items, then choose which format you are working with.  (Computer or phone, or voice on computer or phone)

Add New Item

Category:  Choose the category that best describes your item. 

Size: Choose the size that best describes your item.

Description: Describe your items using brands, colors, type of clothing.  Example:  Gray Gap jeans. 

Price:  Enter price.  Price has to be in $ .50 increments.

Item will be discounted: If you want your item discounted on Saturday, select this. Discounted items will be noted by a star on the tag.  Discounts are 25% from 12-2, and 50% from 2-4 on Sat.

Quantity: Default is 1.  If you have several of the same items, it will create duplicate tags of that item.  Only the item # will be different.

Click Submit

Click Add New Item for your next item (mobile version). PC version automatically goes to add new item.​

A few tips...

The category and size stay the same for the next item.  If you sort your items by category and size, entering tags goes much quicker! This will make entering information quicker and easier, especially for the voice to text option.

If you have small mens clothing, enter it as a boys XL.  Write the correct size in the description.

If your item's size falls between 2 sizes, always enter it in the smaller size.  A size 6-12 month put under 6-9 month.  If it's a M/L, enter it under M.  If a shirt is a 10/12, enter it as M (8/10).  

Categories, sizes and descriptions help us find items if the tag comes off.  They also help us with sale statistics so each sale will be a little better than the last!  Please take the time to make sure they are accurate. 

If you change the price or discount on your tag after it is printed, you will need to print another one so the barcode will reflect the updated information.

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