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Drop off

Monday 1 - 8 pm

October 7th

Items can be hung at the sale.

All items must be tagged when you drop off. 

If you are not hanging your items, you must drop off on Monday!

Tuesday 10 am - 7 pm

October 8th



Studio 212

714 9th Ave SE

Watertown, SD 

Here's what the drop off process looks like:

  • Have all your priced & tagged (and possibly hung) items in totes, rectangle baskets, or sturdy boxes.  Lids are not necessary.

  • Bring your totes to the sale location during the times above.

  • There will be a check-in station inside the front door.  Your totes will be labeled with your consignor number. 

  • If you are just dropping off, we'll give you a consignor shopping pass and you're good to go!

  • If you are hanging your items, we'll direct you to a hanging station where you can hang your items on our motley assortment of hangers.

  • If you want the lowest consignment fee and are putting your hung items in the correct place on the sales floor, we will direct you on that.  Items sell better when they're in the correct spot!


Make sure you leave enough time if you are doing all of the above! 

If you have tons of cute tiny baby clothes, one tote can take a LONG time to hang.

Did you know?

There is a right way and a wrong way to hang clothes. 

Here is the right way for Round Robin Resale:

Take a look at the pictures below.  You have your piece of clothing on a hanger, and you hold it up to admire it and think how happy it's next owner will be.  Ok, look.  Does the top of the hanger circle around like a question mark?  If not, take the hanger out and turn it around!  When shoppers are flipping through the racks, you don't want them to see the back of your shirt instead of the front!  Most of us hang one way or the either (maybe a leftie/rightie thing?)

But for Round Robin, please do it our way!

And please, skip the all-wire hangers.  Your clothes will end up on the floor and nobody will buy them.

Pants and skirts MUST go on a pants hanger with clip.

2 piece outfits should either be on a 2-piece hanger (preferred!), or tagged/pinned together.

Use an appropriate size hanger.  Too small, and again, it's on the floor. 

Too large, and it doesn't present your clothing in the best possible way.

Baby clothes collection hanging on a wooden clothing rack on golden clothes hangers.jpg
T-shirt on Hanger
Brown long coat ,suit, blue jeans ,blue skirt  hanging on wooden clothes rack isolated ove

Pick up

Saturday 6:30 - 7:30 pm

October 12th

Your unsold items will be back in your totes and ready to go, along with your check! 

So simple!

If someone else is picking up your totes, please contact us, and make sure they know your consignor #.

If you want your unsold items donated, just let us know!

Any items not picked up will be donated.

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