Consigning Basics:

Here is how it works:

You, the consignor, sort, price and tag your clothing and other items.  Drop them off at the sale building several days before the sale.  After the sale, pick up your unsold items, unless you choose to donate them.  Checks will be available at tote pick-up, or shortly after!

We, the Round Robin Resale crew, rent a building, advertise, haul racks, set up, organize, organize, organize, and SELL YOUR STUFF for you!  (And have a lot of fun in the process!)

You get 65%. (or more - See Volunteer page.)  We get 35%. (or less if you help out.)

The consignment fee is $20.  Too high? 

Hang your items and your fee is lowered to $15.  Still too high?   

Place all your clothing and items on the racks and display tables where they belong.  Then it's a nice low $10 fee.  

The consignment fee is charged to help cover the cost of renting a building and other associated costs.


All Consignors can pre-sale shop, and bring a friend!  Volunteers get in the door first on Thursday at 5 pm.  Consignors can shop Thursday from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  You will receive 2 passes when you drop off your totes.

Please note:  We check every item to make sure they meet our guidelines.  All of your items may not be accepted.  Please do not take this personally.  We are trying to provide the best shopping experience!

Consignor levels.jpg

See the Volunteer page on how to make the most $$!

Earn up to 85% and have no consignment fee!

Do you want to consign?  Keep in mind...

Our Top Consignors Always...

1. Read the Directions.  We try to keep them short, simple and easy to understand.  Don't bring shorts to the fall sale - we don't take them.  Leave your hubby's clothes in the closet. (Unless he looks like a teen!)  Hang the right way.  So keep reading...

2.  Inspect what they're consigning.  Because we do too!  You don't want to go through the work of sorting, pricing, tagging, dropping off... just to have your items pulled.  Ugh!  Inspect under good light.  Fluorescent or natural sunlight work the best.  Check seams.  Hold up to light to find holes.  Buttons all there?  Zipper zips?  Style - bought in the last 5 years? Check. Check. Check. Tag it!

3.  Consign their best.  Your favorite pair of jeans you bought 10 years ago probably won't sell.  Same with plain jane ho-hum t-shirts.  Leave your so-so items for a garage sale or donation.  Would YOU buy it again?  Don't spend your time pricing and tagging items that will not be accepted or are unlikely to sell.

4.  Price to sell.  Use our pricing guide if you need help getting started.  You can price lower if you want your items to fly out the door!  Mark your items half off!  Many shoppers come back on Saturday for the sale items.

5.  Bring home a big check.  And hardly any unsold items.  Because it all went out the door.  Way to go!

Ready to go?

Sort your clothes and items.

Please keep in mind that Round Robin Resale focuses on casual to dressy clothing that is modern and stylish, yet modest.

We do not accept play clothes.  We are not looking for so-so garage sale items.  For a guide, consider that all children's items on a hanger should be worth and priced $3 or higher.  All women's hung clothing should be worth and priced $5 or higher.


Women's clothes (limit of 50 tops - no limit on other items)

Sports bras and training bras

Children's clothes NB to 16/18

Men's clothes (teen sizes and styles only)

Women's shoes (Note: high heels do not sell well) (limit 15)

Children's Shoes (limit of 5 infant shoes *size 0-3)


Baby Gear.  High chairs, strollers, etc.

High Quality toys and games (limit 20)

Children's books

Small amount of home decor and furniture

Round Podium

'the furnishing and decoration of a room'

Not accepted:

Men's clothes larger than size 30 or S/M

Off season items in the fall sale (shorts, swimwear, sandals)

Seasonal/holiday items out of season

Women's pajamas and robes

Women's bras (sports and training ok) and underwear


Short shorts

Formal wear

Character clothing

Adult books/cookbooks etc.

Functional kitchen items

Items with: 

Pet or excessive human hair


Outdated styles

Stains (including grease stains)

Broken zippers or missing buttons

Holes, rips (check seams!), pilling, excessive wear.

Consignors are responsible for verifying none of their items have been recalled!

Visit to check.

Register to consign

Enter and print your tags


  • Sort your items by category (womens, boys, girls, accessories, etc) and then by size.  This will make entering information quicker and easier, especially for the voice to text option.

  • If you have small mens clothing, enter it as a boys XL.  Write the correct size in the description.

  • If your item's size falls between 2 sizes, always enter it in the smaller size.  A size 6-12 month put under 6-9 month.  If it's a M/L, enter it under M.  If a shirt is a 10/12, enter it as M (8/10).  

  • Having trouble with how to price your clothes?  Our Pricing Guide will help you get started.

  1. Login to your consignor homepage.

  2. Choose: Menu > Work with Consigned Inventory 

  3. Choose Add Items, then choose which format you are working with.  (Computer or phone, or voice on computer or phone)

  4. Enter tags!  Choose the category and size that best describes your item.  For description, describe your items using brands, colors, type of clothing.  Example:  Gray Gap jeans.  If you want your item discounted on Saturday, select "Item will be discounted." This will be noted by a star on the tag.  If you change your tag after it is printed, you will need to print another one.

  5. Print tags.  From the Consignor Inventory Menu, choose Print Tags.  Make sure pop-ups are not blocked.  Tags have to be printed on white cardstock.  Cut the tags.  Tags will have an item number on them for easy sorting if you keep your clothes in the order in which you entered them.

Please note: You cannot bookmark the consignor login page.  Each time you return to the login, you need to access it through the link on our website.  It works well to bookmark this page, or add it to your home screen on your phone.

Having problems?  We will do our best to answer questions quickly.  Email or call/text 605-881-7022.

Attach your tags

Tags will print off 10 to a page.   Cut out as shown by red lines in this example.  The empty space at the top and bottom can be discarded.  The blank space on the sides of the tag will be used to attach the tag to your item.


Use safety pins or tagging guns to attach the tag.  Pin the tag to an existing tag on the garment if possible, otherwise pin to a seam to avoid holes in the clothing.  Tag guns are available for use, but there is a high demand for guns the week before the sale.  Please have tags made out and ready to be attached so guns can be passed along quickly.

** IMPORTANT! ** Do not tag through the fabric and create a hole!  We do not accept items with holes.

Attach tags to shoes with zip ties, safety pins or similar fasteners.  Shoes do not need to be fastened together, except for very small infant shoes.

Tags can be taped to books, games and other non-clothing items.  Do not tape over the bar code.

Hang your items (optional)

Your consignment fee is lowered to $15 if you hang your items.  We have a lot of hangers!  You can hang your items when you drop off your totes.  If you use your own hangers, they will not be returned, although you can take home an equal amount of similar hangers. Items need to be hung correctly to earn the lower consignment rate.  **Hang with hangers pointed left, like a question mark.**  All pants and skirts need to be on a pants hanger, they cannot be folded and hung over a regular hanger. Please do not use all-wire hangers.  Clothing does not stay on them!

**NEW!  If you hang your items at the sale, you need to drop off on Monday!  All items dropped off on Tuesday must be on hangers when they come in the door.  Hangers can be picked up from the sale on Monday, items hung at home and brought on Tuesday.

skirt on hanger.jpg
shirt on hanger.jpg
pants on hanger.jpg

Drop off and Pick up:

Drop off:

Monday 2 - 8 pm.  Items can be hung at the sale. If you are not hanging your items, you must drop off on Monday!



Pick up: Saturday 6 - 7 pm 

Your items needs to be dropped off on  Monday or Tuesday the week of the sale.  In the consignor portal, you will sign up for a drop off day.  Reminder emails will be sent out.  You will need to leave totes, rectangular laundry baskets, or sturdy boxes to sort your unsold or unaccepted items in.  All totes will be labeled when you drop off.  Lids are not necessary.  All of your items must be priced and tagged when you arrive.  We do not have the space to allow for tagging items at the sale.

Totes will need to be picked up Saturday from 6:00 - 7:00 pm, unless you have arranged to have your unsold items donated.  When you pick up your unsold items, they will be back in your totes and ready to go.  Consignor checks may be available at this time also.  If not, they will be mailed the week following the sale.



Email us

Call or text 605-881-7022